Bring In The Best Candidates: The 3 Best And Worst Places To Advertise A New Job Opening

Where you advertise a job opening can have a huge impact on the quality of candidates you attract. Advertising in the right places will ensure you find qualified, top-performing prospects. Choose the wrong places and you will be inundated with a veritable mountain of unqualified resumes.

3 Best And Worst Places To Advertise A New Job Opening

Here are the three best places to advertise a new job opening:
There are several advantages to seeking out current employees for a new job vacancy. Their work habits, strengths and weaknesses are already documented. They have already passed any company-specific background checks and they are familiar with the company culture. It is also easier to make them a fair offer without having to throw in extravagant perks to lure them from a rival company.
Position-Specific Job Boards
General online job boards are teeming with unqualified prospects, but position-specific job boards are great places to find qualified candidates. Sites such as Sales Vacancies, for example, are known for attracting only true sales professionals rather than desperate job-seekers with no specific skill set. While advertising online is a great way to find qualified candidates, ask yourself how much it will cost and what the expected return should be.
Top candidates are usually already employed and very busy, and they don’t always have the time or energy to seek out other opportunities. A passive form of advertising such as radio can help you reach these people. Even though they aren’t looking for a new job, if you make them aware of a potentially great opportunity during their commute to work, they might be inclined to check it out.

Here are the three worst places to advertise a new job opening:
General Online Job Boards
Although you can find qualified candidates on general job boards, there are so many bad ones that the best prospects often get lost in the stack. Save your time and your sanity and skip the big online job boards. Highly-qualified candidates that are serious about finding a good job are going to do more than just showcase their skills on a general job board, so you can find them elsewhere.
Most people, especially the younger generation, get their news online when they have the time. Newspaper advertising provides a poor value when you consider the amount of money you will spend and the number of qualified prospects you will reach. While there will be qualified candidates that will see the ad, most of those people and more will also find the same advertisement online, so you will reach a much larger audience that way.
Technically it falls under online job boards, but Craigslist is such a bad option that it deserves its own category. Sure, it’s free, but the old saying rings true: You get what you pay for. Use it to sell your unwanted items or used cars, but never to advertise a professional job opening.

Every new employee you recruit, hire, and train requires a considerable investment of both time and money. Advertising job openings in the right places will bring you the right candidates, ensuring you get the best return on your investment.